10 January 2009

Feeling better

Well... Phew!  I have pulled myself out of The Hole & feel much chirpier today.  I have had a very busy day sanding back the deck - which didn't seem to work.  Then I washed it down with some stuff that cleans mold off wood & that has made it ...... better - sort of.  I will oil the deck tomorrow & hopefully it will look magnificent.  Tim the Cat is lying on the printer beside me, satisfied after another day of peeing in my shoes.  I am forcing myself to stay awake until 8.30pm to watch "Dr 90210".  Yes, you heard it here first.  I know there will be some of you that are shocked and horrified that I would watch such trash, and indeed I am fully aware it is total trash but for some reason, I love to see it.  Can you explain?  I think it's because I am incredulous at the carry ons of Dr Rey.  
I have been "baching" (how do you spell that word?) for the past few days while Steve is in the UK seeing his family.  Subsequently, I have pigged out on all my favourite things for dinner - risotto, macaroni & cheese and tonight, pizza from the local takeway.  However, the guy who gave me my pizza & took my money is currently (I assume) on bail and convicted of a triple murder five years ago.  I knew he worked there but he was arrested just last week so I thought he would be in jail or something.  Shows what I know about Life.  Anyway, it must be incredibly difficult to carry on "as normal" with a trial for a crime like that hanging over you....  I made sure I didn't complain about my anchovies.  I'm going to have to crack into the Maggie Beer quince and bitter almond ice-cream.  Time to sign off!  


swellgal said...

crikey Jen....I missed it!
Did you see the $1,000,000 kitchen?

As for the ice cream, I have 2 of those flavours sitting in my freezer all the way out here(has it flown in especially), and I am not sure about the fig one
takes a bit of getting used to

Anyhoo, Dr "Dandy" Rey must be on rerun today


Anonymous said...

Jen darling... didn't know you were batching it this week... would have made plans to catch up? Let me know when you are free to have a coffee with Zoe and me??

Susan Buret said...

I think it may be safer to stick with the ice cream and go easy on the pizzas for a while. the vanilla and elderflower is yummy too.