10 March 2009


Hi readers!  Today I pack up my trusty computer & all its paraphenalia so I thought I would drop in one last post from Empress Terrace.  I will tell you now that I have no idea how long it will take me to get the computer up and running again at the other end.  How will I work out which cord goes where??  How long will it take Telstra to reconnect the internet?  I won't even have a desk to put this computer on so may be typing from ground level when I am finally up & running. I am a bit fearful.  I have TechnoPhobia of the worst possible kind.   Have to go!  No more time!  Au revoir mes amis! Until we meet again xxxxxxxx

1 comment:

swell said...

Farewell Fine Friend.....we await your resurfacing within the next 2 days....I KNOW this is the first thing you will unpack

Good luck pet