14 March 2009

How right you are

She was right, my buddy Swellgal in Maningrida (Arnhem Land). The laptop is just about the first gadget I've gotten up & running post-move. Here I am, in one of the spare rooms (there are two!) with the laptop charging up (& virus scanning) as I type. Meanwhile, out the door is utter, total KAOS. I've never seen so many cardboard boxes or packing paper since I ran amok in the medical records department of my training hospital, looking for my personnel file. What a mess! Steve & I are distraught that just two of us could generate so much clobber. What a pair of filthy consumers we must be. Well, that's what we were thinking until we started to unwrap things, like two lightbulbs wrapped in a metre of paper, or a wooden coaster wrapped in three layers. So, really, all those boxes, when unwrapped, are not really THAT bad... We are loving our new house, despite our exhaustion. The animals seem to be settling in okay too, after a bit of angst, displayed in an awesome display of feline incontinence :o( Everything seems worse though when mid-move because I'm sure a normal cat couldn't pee what seemed like three litres - could it?? The neighbours, so far, seem friendly but the best discovery to date is that the little boy next door is learning to play the trumpet! Possibly, he is a closet Winton Marsalis & I am keeping my mind open to that... Will write more soon but need to get back to the boxes and find my camera - and my undies, my face cream, my tax bill (overdue now) and my running gear! Cheerio!

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