24 January 2010

Oh... it's H.O.T!

Hi readers.  Excuse my having a whinge but it is so farkin' HOT!  I am over it.  I know you may ask, "why live in Queensland when you hate the heat?" but that's just too hard to answer.  We've had temps of 36 degrees (96.8F) pretty well every day this week and the heat starts cranking into action at about 6am.  Groannnn.  I am missing the cool of Europe.  The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, isn't it? However, my whingeing must be immediately dismissed because I could be Jessica Watson, a 16 year-old Australian girl who is sailing single-handedly around the world and who has just been through one hell of a storm in the Atlantic with gale-force winds and four knock-downs.  This photo is from her website and was taken just before the storm struck. How scared must she have been?

I should actually be full of joy and frivolity as I write today because this week I discovered that my first ever story has been published!  It is very, very, very exciting and has already done wonders for boosting my confidence to write another article. I'd been asked by someone in my running club to write a story about last year's International Womens' Day fun run so, delving into my memory banks (which are shot, by the way) I came up with 850 words and submitted it last December.  I never heard another thing but this week, whilst at InTraining, I spotted the magazine, "Runners World" and there, on page 90 is my name in print!!!  I am so thrilled....  :o)  

So, if I can do it once, I can do it again, right?  I just have to believe in myself - and also find interesting things to write about.  On that note, speaking of excitement, it's time to do the filing, pay the bills and look (again) at my ironing pile and wonder why anyone really needs to wear flat clothes?  Mum is due to have her total hip replacement this week and has wigged me out by suggesting she wear my nana's vintage satin bed jacket whilst in rehab!  I am going nuts.  I think mum has some warped, prehistoric notion of modern hospitals and certainly has No Idea what "rehab" means.  She is in for a terrible shock.  
On a vegetable note:  the green beans continue to produce (2 months after planting) and are completely and utterly delicious.  The flat-leaf parsley and rosemary remain unscathed from possum attack and the basil has been turned into fairly decent pesto (hey pesto!) 


swellgal said...

Congrats Ms Runner Bean

I finally got the pun...runner and bean.... make a Jenny

Please keep writing as I visit you every day and look forward to it everyday with my chappacino


Susan Buret said...

Congratulations! What wonderful news. Go Girl.