31 January 2010

Watching the grass grow - and listening to it too

Hi readers
It is so humid and wet here in Brisbane that I am SURE, if I look long and hard enough, I can SEE the grass getting millimetres longer each half hour.  I might even be able to watch mold grow in my wardrobe.  Let me tell you that right now, rather than writing this blog, I should be writing my next article!  I've just been "commissioned" for another 500 word piece, this time for Run 4 Your Life magazine!  I will happily tell you all that, whilst totally thrilled about it, I have also developed horrific Performance Anxiety!  They want 500 words by tomorrow and here I am, blogging!  I've had a busy week which is why you've not had anything new to read.  Mum went in to hospital last week for her total hip replacement on Wednesday.  All has gone very well although the first two days post-op was unhappy for her as she was completely nauseated.  However, she is full of beans right now and is starting to plan her adventures for next weekend.  She has planned the following:
a)  the Metropolitan Opera at the movies on Sunday
b)  the Rocklea markets on Saturday morning
c)  a trip to Stradbroke Island on the Big Red Cat on Friday
Let me just remind you all that she was told she would be in rehab for one week from Monday, but obviously mum's interpretation of one week means, in fact, four days.  Good for her though.  At least she is not lying around feeling sorry for herself.  This is her this afternoon, with the flowers I brought her.  All she needs is a glass of champagne.  By the way, she is wearing the dreaded "nana's bed jacket" in this photo.  I actually have new respect for that bed jacket because it is about 70 years old and is all hand-stitched and embroidered.  It's a work of art!

Speaking of hand stitching, I won an eBay auction yesterday and now have four World War 1 embroidered vintage postcards coming my way by UPS.  As you know, I have one already from Uncle Dood but I started researching them a bit and there are so many beautiful ones, all with different symbolism attached.  So, I doodled about on eBay yesterday looking at some and decided to have a punt.  I couldn't believe that I won!  Luckily I only spent $30.  Now I am collecting these postcards as well as vintage perfume bottles from the same era.  I'm a bit mad for that early 20th century stuff....   This is not one of them, but it will give you an idea. 
  I have been to two Tupperware parties this weekend and am completely traumatised now.  This came about as a result of my being talked into a T'ware party at the end of last year and the very persuasive T'ware lady talking two of my innocent friends into parties.  As if I couldn't go!  Anyway, I am the Queen of the Airtight Seal now.  Tim the cat is harassing me for his dinner.  He sits up here next to me and head butts me and then flicks his tail in my face while I am trying to type.  In fact, he just tried to swipe my face with his right paw.  Cheerio and I will write more soon!  Remember, you knew me when I was NOTHING and now, after 46 years, I may be getting my writing act together.  We'll see....  I am wondering what I can write that will be interesting to the general reader?  Hmmm.  Relaaaax!

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Anonymous said...

Does this mean you aren't collecting salt and pepper shakers now???