08 March 2011

Happy International Women's Day!

I've just seen this thought-provoking video which makes me realise how very lucky I am right now, and reflect on how easily it could have been different.   

On the continuing theme of International Women's Day, me and my four running buddies had a super fun run on Sunday at the IWD fun run at South Bank.  There were 6,500 runners in all shades of crimson and violet, some adored with fairy wings, tiaras and tutus.  It was a very casual, easy-going FUN run, with no pressure at all so was extra enjoyable for Caroline, Shihoko and Fiona who were really doing their first ever event.  Mel was a bit frustrated as she was hoping to go a bit faster but we all had a good morning, made even better by the cupcakes and coffee at the end!  I have written an article about it for "Run 4 Your Life" magazine so we'll see how edited that ends up being!  

These are the "beauties" at the water station in the Botanic Gardens - eeeek!  Run away!
Our "competition"
The cap says it all
More scary sights
My wonderful and inspiring running group (L to R) Fiona, Shihoko, Caroline and Mel
For me, the highlight of the day was seeing how happy the girls were and especially to see those that have only been running for a few weeks cross the finish line, knowing they CAN run 5kms - and they just did!  It highlighted everything that International Women's Day is about - empowering women to challenge themselves and to do things they never imagined they could and to feel really, really proud of themselves about their accomplishments.  And for me, as an "L"-plate running coach, I found it so rewarding to be part of their day.  It was almost as good a feeling as doing last year's Gold Coast Half in under two hours.  I even felt a bit teary!! :o)  Now we need to work like crazy to get ourselves ready for the Twilight 10km in just two weeks.  No more cupcakes either.  They blew my diet RIGHT out the door, dammit! 

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Anonymous said...

Hah! Your team's running uniform looks very tame compared to some of the other gear. I'm back into training and feeling strong again - bring on the twilight half!