25 July 2011

The first day of the Rest of My Life

Hi readers
So today was my first day at uni!  I was so excited that I was there almost two hours before my first lecture.  I didn't want to be late.  I wanted to let the atmosphere of uni life and the Creative Industries precinct seep into my pores before my first lecture.  And "seep" it did.  Within five minutes of arriving on campus, two students had offered me assistance.  I must have had that age-old quizzical look on my face.  However, it was very reassuring and helped me feel welcome. Best of all, I got a tip on a good coffee shop (The Dancing Bean).  After surviving the bus ride to uni, including the all-important disembarkation at the wrong stop, I was eagerly anticipating a cup of hot, strong, rich coffee, which is just what I received.  I sat there writing in my journal and thoroughly enjoying the bonhomie of early morning uni life - until I realised I was the oldest person there!  And I'm not really that old!  Who cares?  I had such a great time and this improved as the morning progressed.  
I bought this for myself after my lecture.  I think I will need all the help I can get..

View of the Creative Industries campus from the coffee shop

The computer lab where I am going to write amazing stuff - it's kind of like a newsroom, isn't it?

There's the sign!  The sign for my tutorial on Level Four.  See?  "News Rooms".  That's me!

Our lecturer, Susan Hetherington, is an extremely experienced journalist and has been at QUT teaching for a long time.  She filled us in on our assignments/projects etc which include a profile piece and a 1500-word magazine article amongst other things.  It's a little daunting but really, totally exciting because I am bursting to give it a go.  I already have some ideas and have started writing them down in my Story Process Diary.  Better go read my textbook then!  Cheerio!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jen I went to school with Susan Hetherington. Hopefully see you Thursday @ intraining . Love your blog Dom G x