07 January 2012


How do I add music to this blog?  I am mad about Adele lately.  Love her music!  

Other things I am loving?  This Parisian bookshop (above) as photographed by my buddy AG who is there with his daughter .  I have no idea what it's name is but I want to Be There - NOW! 
This photo (above) is also from AG.  It's a photo of his daughter in the colossal crowd trying to see the Mona Lisa.  How crazy!  Why do so many people want to see The Mona Lisa?  I saw her once, about 30 years ago, and she did look beautiful.  The next time I saw her was about 5 years ago and she was not so beautiful because there were about 50 other people trying to see her at the same time.  To share the Mona Lisa with about 300 other people would be The Pits!  Here, if you really want to see her, here she is:

 And here is The Mona Jen.  (Just to bring you back to reality)  This is what I resorted to after a day spent trying to tidy my Den.  How can I have so much crap?  How?  Maybe I am a tiny bit pathological…. Scary.  The shredder bin is getting a major work out and I found my book, "Sorted" so am pleased about that.  Now… where did I put it?
Why is one lime 95 cents at Coles when you can buy a bag of seven from the markets for $2?  Is this some kind of retail conspiracy?  Part of The Great Fruit Fraud?  I should discover some investigative journalism skills and get to the bottom of it.  Speaking of writing, I have learned a few major lessons this week.  I had my first rejection. It had to happen.  It did happen. I am (sort of) glad it happened.  I submitted a story about my terrible driving but I obviously had not researched my target audience properly, as I discovered when the editor explained that it was not really right for them.  So, I have submitted it to Brisbane Times, at the editor's request, but have not heard anymore.  What do I do now?  How long do I wait before I send it somewhere else?  Or has the moment passed?  I have also submitted my resume to the ABC (and sprinkled fairy dust over it) in the hope that I can get some volunteer work there or some work experience. Yes, okay so I am an optimist.  What's wrong with that?  You've got to be in it to win it, right?  I am planning a sustained attack on the ABC, month by month, until they can't bear the thought of me anymore.  Does that sound feasible, or have I read too much Chick Lit? 
Here is a lovely photo of my wonderful god-daughter Alana and her brother Sam, who is looking pretty good considering he'd just had two weeks of Schoolies at the time this photo was taken at our wedding.  I love those two… xxxx


Anonymous said...

Dear Aspiring Journo
Love your work, simply love it!
May I offer a small correction (to save you the embarrassment of an editorial red mark in the future)?
its = possessive pronoun
it's = it is
I know possession is indicated in nouns by the apostrophe, but in this pronoun, no apostrophe (as in hers not her's). Trust me on this one (you can even check your Style Manual). x

Jen said...

Ooooh, I missed that in my proofread! I try to be a Perfect Punctuator at all times but I obviously need to lift my game! Thanks for the tip & glad you are enjoying my blog so much!