14 January 2012

The winds of change are gusting to 40 knots...

Hi readers!  I've just been bloggin on my other blog (one of my other blogs anyway) and now it's time to give this blog a little burst while I wait for my washing to finish. Weekend domestic bliss!  I don't have many photos to post this week either. I am finding both my camera and my iPhone are taking slightly blurry photos.  Yes, okay so perhaps there is an element of Operator Error there but I didn't think I was that wobbly!
As I am thinking about food right now, I will share a photo of my breakfast this morning, taken with Hipstamatic. I really like the old-fashioned look of the photo and they never seem to be blurry, even though I've taken it with my iPhone.  The Guardian had a story this week about telephone photography.  Let me see if I can find it… Here it is!  I went to see "ALbert Nobbs" this week too.  It was excellent.  A thought-provoking, moving, sensitive film.  We are so lucky really, in this modern age.  Things we take for granted were not always that way.  

My roving buddy is now in Italy and actually went to my friend Sally's cooking school in Toffia. By all accounts, they had a great day, cooking up some delicious food. I am so jealous.  Anyway, AG sent me this photo from Rome, which I thought was super cute. Look how stylishily dressed that kid is.  That coat is gorgeous!
The movie brought me into contact with one of the world's greatest chocolate shops (I have no evidence for that.  Purely my own opinion) called Bittersweet Chocolate Boutique.  Well, I defy anyone to walk past a chocolate shop when it is Right There!  What could I do?  I was entirely at the mercy of their front window….  Doomed.  I just bought ONE chocolate and I made it last.  Think:  Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-style.  One tiny nibble at a time.  Pathetic really.  
View from the cinema 
I also stumbled upon this fabulous book at Coaldrakes while I was at the cinema.  It's a brilliant book!  I am really enjoying reading it.  I think the illustrations "relax" it a little and make the subject matter more interesting.  It's working for me, anyway. If only I'd had such a book in high school!  It's actually a re-write of an ancient book, first written in 1919 by a Cornell University professor, William Strunk Jr.  
Okay, enough with the history.  My washing is ready to hang out and besides…. I really should be reading, rather than writing this blog. I am wanting to write a news story and I need to research ++ so that I can work out my angle and then write accurately and informatively about my subject.  It's all part of my grand plan to get myself a job in a media outlet.  This has become of more primo importance this week as I have resigned from my job!  Yes, I have.  Gulp.  Well, I am doing two subjects at uni this semester and it's really unfair of me to expect my employer (a plastic surgeon) to bend his office around to suit ME.  I have a month to get myself a new gig.  I think I need to order the Fairy Dust in bulk…  As they say, you have to close one door before another will open, don't you? I am a bit nervous as I've never been out of work in 30 years but I feel confident that I can get some casual secretarial work in the meantime. I certainly won't be bringin' home the bacon with my writing any time soon!  Oh dear…  $100 here and there is just not going to cut the mustard.  Meanwhile, these words are on my 'fridge:
Off to read, read, read now - and hang, hang, hang washing!  Oh and maybe eat a little something.  It IS 10:33am after all!  Isn't that morning tea time?  

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