15 February 2012

Gone bonkers

I have just deleted everything I have spent the last hour writing....  How the @#$%^ did that happen?  This week is not going so well, on a professional basis that is. What sort of writer am I when I can so easily delete so much effort in one swift key stroke?  Now I look up into the top right corner and see that I am about to run out of battery.  Oh, can it get any better?  
So, yesterday I started my new job at a Very Busy dermatology practice, set amongst one of the most feral traffic nightmares in town, with no visible - legal - parking.   Yesterday, my first day, two staff were off sick and I ended up being the only nurse on.  Did I mention I hadn't done any "proper" nursing for five years? I know I mentioned that at my interview...  So, by the end of yesterday, everything had come back to me. Like riding a bicycle, right?  After a fairly sedentary job with a plastic surgeon for the past five years, as his PA, I found myself upright for eight hours setting up for minor procedures, helping with biopsies, shaves, currettes, chaperoning female patients, administering photodynamic therapy, sterilising and packing instruments and fighting the urge to dip into the Iced Vo-Vo packet.  Needless to say, by 5pm, my feet were about to burst into flames.  The pain, the ache, the exhaustion....  I found myself dreaming of black Volleys (my uniform entails black closed-in shoes)  
Today was a whole lot better.  All who were sick yesterday turned up today so I had time to work out the Who? How? Where? and When? of everything.  Unfortunately, I did get sprayed with blood as a side effect of a zealous doctor who hit a squirter during a little procedure.  Oh such a far cry from my past job where my major laundry issue was possibly dropping a chocolate crumb onto my skirt.  The funniest thing about my new job so far has been the discovery of the professional dermatology association journal .... The Mole!  
I know I was trying to "kick the habit" and get out of nursing all together but this casual RN job came along and fell into my lap.  I think it will work quite well because it is very flexible and (apparently) I can easily bail out of work when/if I get an internship or want to have holidays or change my uni hours/days.  However, it means blood, some gore and lots of standing, so thats' the price I have to pay.  Besides, I am learning lots about interesting rashes & fungal infections ...  Speaking of internships, I am going to apply tomorrow for one at 4ZZZ, the local community radio station.  I am also working on a story for Women's Running Australia as they've asked me for another!  I also had a "photo shoot" (!) this week to go with my story for "Road Ahead" magazine.  I tried not to be a diva and make too many demands - ha, ha - but I did tell the photographer he was more than welcome to Photoshop 'til his heart's content.  Speaking of mags, I saw these two covers today and had to photograph them because they are so AWFUL.  Really, they're scraping the barrel these days....  Hunting mags are starting to look a promising alternative.

I don't care what it costs my potential career - I will NEVER, EVER write for one of these publications.  Is that a big call?  I will NOT SELL MY SOUL!!  You've read it here....  

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spw said...

you wouldn't write text for the "babes and boars" calendar if it was offered to you? i sure would. in a second. and as a writer, i can assure you that we all lose hours of work. it just happens. but remember, that work is still in your head. it will come out in a new and better way. stephen