27 February 2012

Is 12:27pm too early for a Nanna Nap?

Hi readers!
It's Oscars day.  It's #spill day.  All I want to do is go to sleep.  I could ask, "what is wrong with me?" but I already know the answer:  a poor night's sleep, a 15km run and a 1km swim this morning.  Bloody MAD!! 
Here I am with Lizzy, post-swim. I am actually noticing how well my swim cap works to give me a facelifted look…  Maybe that's something I can promote - the non-surgical facelift?  I have just submitted my next article/story for Women's Running Australia too. I hope they like it…  The first issue came out this week and is for sale at Coles or at the newsagent.  

I was thrilled that they asked me to write another column!  I am starting to gather momentum… just like a rolling stone! 
Meanwhile, in the loungeroom, I have ABC News on, listening to them talking about the Labor leadership.  What a fiasco.  I can't imagine this has done anything to help Anna Bligh in regard to the upcoming Qld elections and now I am listening to them talk about reconciliation.  Parliament House will certainly be a jolly workplace for a while while they sort themselves out… As for the Oscar frocks, well, I just do not have enough juice in my tank right now to really give a fig.
 Dog joy at Brunswick Heads
Here is Spud expressing a severe case of "Wheelbarrow Envy" in mum's garden at Mullumbimby.  I think it's the big fat rubber tyre that is really driving it - ha, ha!  Get it? Groannnn….
Love a good banksia bloom!
Ohhh all right then!  I couldn't resist a tiny bit of Red Carpet action but my eyes were only for Colin and his beautiful wife Livia.  I ashamed to admit I am experiencing a tiny shadow of Schadenfreude because really, Livia's frock is …. awful!  She looks to be wearing a crumbled red lolly wrapper.  It's Valentino.  Just shows that fashion designers and stylists don't actually probably know exactly what they're doing - though I guess it's all in the eye of the beholder, isn't it?  And she obviously loves it so who am I to say anything?
My money is on Kermit and Miss Piggy who both look spectacular…
I have really done myself in with this exericising caper.  Normally I can run 15km and swim a bit but I did it on the back of 18km of running over the weekend so the combination has completely stuffed me.  Who am I kidding?  There is NO WAY I will be ready for the London Olympics at this rate!  

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