28 February 2012

Tuesday evening silliness

You are all aware, I am 100% certain, of that certain hypoxic state of altered mental acuity following a H.I.D.E.O.U.S day at work, when you plonk yourself into your favourite armchair (after feeding the family, tearing off your bra and pouring a glass of pinot/shiraz/merlot etc).  Well, that's my current status quo.  I have the ABC on, watching a great program about a guy spending a year on Macquarie Island.
I want to go!  This, despite uni starting again this week and my excitement at starting the semester. I am, scarily, really enjoying my Ethics textbook so can't wait to get to the lecture to see if it's as fascinating and informative. Do I sound like a filthy "brown-noser"? 
Anyway, I have decided to share one of my favourite skits of all time. Possibly I love this so much because I am a major cheese fan...  After work today, instead of puffing on a ciggie or slugging down a few shots of whisky, I hit the deli and purchased a small chunk of Morbier to ease my angst.  
How did this guy score such a great gig?  He is now off on a 10-day hike, passing penguins and seals and weather stations....  Oooo, so jealous.  I shouldn' be jealous - really. This morning I woke to an email from the Editor of Women's Running Australia asking me to become a REGULAR COLUMNIST!!!  You have no idea how many times I just had to write that word (columnist) before I got it right.  It's my new specs. It is!! Okay, feeling even better now that I see this guy is beginning to suffer hypothermia on his little trek amongst the penguins...  I should possibly be ironing a shirt for this job but the call of my bed is too strong. After 5 shifts, I am being called upon to purchase The Work Shirt ($75).  It is lavender stripes with a puff sleeve but that's not the only reason I am not yet ready to make that financial (& fashion) faux pas. I need a wee bit more convincing that this is the casual job for me.  If I am already thinking "I don't want to go to work tomorrow!", is that a bad sign?  
OMG!  Most startlingly of all, I have blogged MID-WEEK!  I need to find a way to make some moolah from this blog.  How can I do that?   Shame I am not more into fashion or styling or finance or real estate or ....  Hmmm.  Something to think about at work tomorrow while I am practicing injecting local anaesthetic.  

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Sentienc3 said...

Jen, thought you would enjoy and possibly find it ironic that your blog was being read down here on Macquarie. Hi from all of us down here and great work on the blog.