03 March 2012

Embracing some change

Hi readers!  Well, I am finally putting finger to keyboard to write.  Okay, so as I write, I am also drinking a glass of pinot noir and eating corn chips.  It's Saturday night, for Pete's sake!  (Who IS Pete anyway...?)  Spud has gone to the rugby with a friend & I am free to blog, blog, blog - or do the ironing.  Which shall it be?  Hmm...  I am also watching a fairly crappy Kevin Costner movie.  I can't believe I just confessed that on the World Wide Web.  I have my brain in "downtime" mode currently after a day of perusing The Sydney Morning Herald and The Courier Mail while concurrently reviewing my study notes from my first week back at uni.  

Yes, it was "O" Week (I think that's what you call it?) so I got a bit caught up in it all on Thursday.  They had these stalls set up on campus, handing out ChupaChups, student travel info, fairy floss and condoms.  Needless to say, I came away with nothing. In fact, when I approached The Norwegian Club's stand to ask for this photo, the look of fear on their faces at the thought I might actually want to attend their heaving booze fest was priceless!  I could feel the exhaled air on my face when they realised I just wanted a photo of the sign.  I did also want one of these sensational sombreros but my brainbox was too capacious and those hats are obviously designed for Year 1 "pinheads"!! It's all the cerebral tissue in there that I am about to utilise for my Theories and my Ethics classes.  The Ethics class was actually quite frightening.  It's a post-grad class so it's full of really smart, savvy go-getters including a lady who has worked at the ABC for 20 years. That's MY job she's got!!   Review of my coursework and assignments today made me break out into a rash until I realised I will have the opportunity to write about one of my favourite journalists, Sally Sara, for my 3500-word review paper (worth 50%).  Yippee!  I follow Sally on Twitter, I have read her book, "GoGo Mama" and even sent her a letter once.  Let's hope she doesn't think I'm a weird stalker - I am NOT. I just admire her journalistic skills and style ... and she runs too! 
This little girl in the middle is going to shave her head to raise money for The Leukemia Foundation.  Isn't she fantastic?  

The view during our run this morning.  Aren't we LUCKY to live in such a gorgeous city?  I am wondering how I can fit dragon boat racing into my schedule now...

There is nothing like a waistband to date a film, is there?  There is some serious Harry High Pants action going on in this movie.  Speaking of dating things, here's a little snap from 1968, when I was aged 5 and helping mum bake my brother's birthday cake.

Woa... the "sex" is about to start.  Note the inverted commas.  It's so corny. The music.  The looks they are giving each other. How old IS this movie?? 1999.  That explains everything.  Oh, it gets even better - they're standing in the rain, having a passionate disagreement.  Lordy.  Where IS the chocolate when I need it?  This inability of mine to find the perfectly splendid word to express how exactly I am feeling has led me to consider the idea of inventing some kind of "app", like those used for smartphones, which can be implanted into a human brain.  It sounds almost feasible.  It could be delivered like a suppository.  That was my initial idea until Spud reminded me that an oral delivery would work just as well!  I wonder if I should forgo this journalism caper and just concentrate on this medico-social invention?  I will be first to line up for Word-o-rama and possibly a maths app too.  Then perhaps I might also engender some tweets from those I follow. I have Tweet-Envy.  One friend has been tweeted by Simon Le Bon and another by Rupert Murdoch!  I have tweeted Sally (of course) and Annabel Crabb among others but have not heard a thing back.  I obviously need to be more witty and "ironic".  Is there such a thing as Twitter performance anxiety?  

All I've done is write a missive about my anxiety.  I will stop now.  I will think about Where The Magic Happens (thank to The Hoopla for that) and now, thanks to The Finkelstein Inquiry, I should stop blogging in case I become unethical...

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