17 April 2012

Winter is coming

Yes, winter is on its way.  How can I tell?  I can tell because I ran super fast on the weekend in chilly Canberra, with no humidity to hinder my progress.  Okay, so my ageing body let me down slightly but I am still really thrilled with my time of 52:08 for my 10km run AND I came third in my age category!! If my brother is reading this:  yes, there were more than three others running.  In fact, there were 74 in my age group, so there you rude pot-stirrer.
A bonus is that apparently the US ambassador was running in the same event, with his four gun-totin' bodyguards (who knew you could pack a pistol in one of those little pouches?) and I thrashed their butts!  Canberra really IS a lovely place. I know a lot of people don't like it but I love the golden poplars and the smoky smell of fires burning as I kick through damp leaves along the path.  The mist over Lake Burley Griffin first thing in the morning, while your finger and nose tips go numb is a sensational sight (before the first hot coffee of the day).  I am obviously NOT a "natural Queenslander"....
Here I am with the first "woman" across the line...
I hung out with some of my oldest friends who happen to work in Canberra.  Two of them were doing their first marathon so I went along, with homemade sign, to cheer them along.  My new run bud, Wozzer, and I made a loud and enthusiastic cheer squad.... Quite possibly the most diligent bellowers of the entire weekend really.  
The start line
The marathon "virgins" who both ended up finishing in sub-four hours!!
Back to reality now and nose down to get the assignments tidied up and ready for Friday.  Big things happening at work this week too, including learning more about Excel (I must do a course, I must, I must...).  Have also discovered that despite owning a cat, we have a rat feasting from our macadamia tree in between rearing a littler of ratty babies in our bedroom wall.  I feel a Toyota moment coming along - that cat is not upholding company values, not working hard enough and despite ten years of "service", he's going to have to go (but where?).

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Giulio Saggin and Nathalia Rayfield said...

You're right - Canberra is a good town and it does get a lot of bad (boring) press. It takes some getting used to and I've found it makes more sense with each visit as I get older. Mind you, winter there is a pig.